Prepare for Revelation

Reverence, Sacrament and Revelation

When we enter the chapel, do we enter in a manner that demonstrates our deepest love, respect, adoration, and reverence for the immense pain, suffering, and sacrifice of our Savior for us? Do we approach this sacred ordinance in the significance it was given by our Father and His Son? Do we really understand the power, purposes, and blessings of this ordinance in our lives – especially as we navigate through the last days? Could we as a stake treat that special hour as one of the most important, reverent, special, and sacred hours of the week to show the Savior how deeply we love and need Him in our lives. If the Savior was waiting in the Chapel how would we enter, speak, and worship in a meeting with Him?

“One request Christ made of his disciples on that night of deep anguish and grief was that they stand by him, stay with him in his hour of sorrow and pain. “Could ye not watch with me one hour?” he asked longingly (Matt. 26:40). I think he asks that again of us, every Sabbath day when the emblems of his life are broken and blessed and passed.” Jeffery R. Holland – October 1995 – “This Do In Remembrance Of Me”

Are we preparing and looking forward to the Sacrament as the focal point of our worship each week? Do we come to Sacrament meeting prepared with specific questions? Are we ready to record impressions and answers that come to us during sacrament meeting? What have we taught our children to help them prepare for this sacred meeting?

“For the sacrament to be a spiritually cleansing experience each week, we need to prepare ourselves before coming to sacrament meeting.” Robert D. Hales – April 2012 – “Coming to Ourselves”

The invitation for us to participate more fully in the revelatory process is linked to the desires of our hearts and our understanding of the significance of reverence and of the sacrament in our daily lives. Reverence is an attitude of the heart from which actions and behavior are but expressions.

“When we contemplate the most sacred meetings in the Church, sacrament meeting is one of the most important. However, as I attend sacrament meetings, I have observed some trends that concern me: apparent lack of preparation, a general irreverence, commotion, and at times a spirit not conducive to thoughtful worship. I have wondered: How are we doing as members of the Church in remembering our Lord and Savior, His sacrifice, and our indebtedness to Him? Are we providing in our services opportunity for meditation, reflection, reverence, repentance, forgiveness?” David B. Haight – April 1988 – Remembering the Savior’s Atonement.

“Reverence is profound respect mingled with love.” President David O McKay

"I sense that some in the rising generation and even some adults have not yet come to understand the significance of this meeting and the importance of individual reverence and worship in it. The things I feel impressed to teach here are addressed to those who are not yet understanding and practicing these important principles and not yet enjoying the promised spiritual blessings of always having His guiding Spirit to be with them." Dallin H. Oaks – October 2008 – “Sacrament Meeting and the Sacrament”